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Xoom Tablet Review
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Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC Review
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Asus Transformer Review
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Acer Iconia Review
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enTourage eDGe Tablet PC Review
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Lenovo Ideapad Tablet Review
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Flytouch 3 Review
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Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC Review
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Toshiba Thrive Review
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Furious Android Tablet Review
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Cerebro Tablet Review

If you require a good quality entertainment and more from a tablet PC, then the Cerebro Android 2.2 Tablet is what you need. This reasonably-priced tablet PC contains a WM8650 high-performance 800MHZ for a CPU, 8-inch touch screen with zoom and pinch function, a 3G capability by utilizing a 3G USB dongle, and Wi-Fi for [...]

Audio Music & video player, Advanced media player; MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA
Battery Life 2.5-3 hours working time
Display 8 Inch touchscreen (with pinch and zoom); 800*600 (4:3); TFT Resistive Touch Screen (two point touch)
Extras G-Sensor
Memory 2GB on board – expand to 16GB w/ T-Flash
Model VIA 8650
OS Android 2.2
Ports USB, mini-USB, headphone, DC Jack, TF Card
Price From $99.00
Processor WM8650,High-performance 800MHZ CPU+300MHZ DSP; RAM 256MB DDR2
Warranty 1 Year
Weight .49 kg
Wireless WiFi, 3G Dongle (USB Modem) Support

Dell Streak 7 Review

If you are considering buying a tablet computer then one design that you may want to go for is the Dell streak 7 tablet PC. It is an Nvidia Tegra 2-based Android table that has exceptional features and specifications that make it one of the highly demanded tablet model in the market. It has an [...]

Weight 13.4 oz
OS Android 2.2
Processor 1.5 GHz nVidia Tegra T20 dual core processor; 1GB RAM
Memory 16GB on board; can expand 16 GB MicroSD
Display 7-inch capacitive multi-touch display (800 x 480 pixels)
Wireless Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g/n)/ 4G Capable
Extras 5-megapixel rear camera, 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera
Manufacturer Dell
Model Streak 7
Ports 2 USB 2.0
Warranty 1 Year
Battery Life 3+ hours
Price From $275

Othello Tablet Review

The Othello Tab Android 2.2 tablet is an excellent Android tablet for the money that packs a lot of great quality features and superb performance, which will surely give its users exciting and pleasurable Android tablet experience.
Back by a highly refined and stable Android 2.2 operating system, the Othello Tab Android 2.2 tablet is powered [...]

Audio MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, WAV etc.
Battery Life Approx 4 Hrs.
Display 7-inch 800×480 Resolution Capacitive Touch, Multi-Touch
Extras 1.3 mp camera, 3D accelerator, Flash Support
Manufacturer Chinese Tablet
Memory 4 GB on board – expand to 16GB w/ expansion card
Model Othello Tab
OS Android 2.2
Ports Mini USB out, Mini USB in, HDMI, TF Card Slot, DC Jack, Earphone Jack
Price From $187
Processor Samsung S5PV210 Cortex A8 1 GHz 512 MB DDR2 RAM
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 528 g
Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G, 3G

Toshiba Thrive Review

If you are new to the tablet pc world, then one design that you should take a look at is the Toshiba Thrive Tablet PC. This is because, the model has unique and exceptional features that will definitely magnetize you. It is as excellent tablet that offers are real computing experience. Here are the unique [...]

Audio MPEG-4, WAVE, H.263, Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC+, AMR-NB, H.264, AAC, Adobe® Flash, WMA, AMR-WB, ACC+ Enhanced, MIDI
Battery Life Up to 11 Hrs
Display 10.1″ high-resolution (1280×800) widescreen, ASPECT RATIO-16:10; Toshiba Adaptive Display Technology, Toshiba Resolution+ Video Enhancement Technology
Extras GPS, Gyroscope, 2MP Front webcam w/ mic, 5MP back webcam w/ autofocus, 720p video capture
Manufacturer Toshiba
Memory 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB onboard
Model Thrive 10″ Tablet
OS Android 3.1 Honeycomb
Ports HDMI port, Mini USB 2.0 port, Full-size USB 2.0 port, Full-size SD Card slot, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, Docking Connector
Price From $379
Processor 1GHz Dual-Core Mobile Processor, NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics, Internal 1GB DDR2 RAM
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 1.6 lbs
Wireless Wi-Fi® Wireless networking (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth® version 3.0 + HS

Asus Transformer Review

The Attractive Asus Transformer Tablet Reviewed
At about $400 for the 16 GB model, the Asus Transformer tablet is one of the cheapest Android 3.0 tablet the world has ever seen. It may not be a great option on its own but when paired with the keyboard dock, the Asus Eee pad tablet is an amazing [...]

Audio Stereo Speakers, SRS Premium Sound, High Quality Mic
Battery Life Up to 9 Hrs
Display 10.1″ LED Backlight WXGA (1280×800) Screen, 10 finger multi-touch support
Extras G-Sensor, GPS, 1.2mp front camera, 5mp rear camera
Manufacturer Asus
Memory 16GB/32GB on board
Model Eee Pad Transformer TF101
OS Android 3.2
Ports 1 x Mini HDMI, 2 x Audio Jack (Headphone/Mic-In), 1 x Card Reader : Micro SD
Price From $399
Processor NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 Dual core 1GB RAM
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 680g
Wireless WLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz, Bluetooth V2.1+EDR

Lenovo Ideapad Tablet Review

A Review Of The Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet PC
When you are traveling, nothing is more essential than a gadget that is internet ready and is your best companion in every conceivable way. With just a couple of swipes and taps, a whole world of possibilities is open to you even as you are not in the [...]

Audio AAC, Audible, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA
Battery Life Up to 10 Hrs
Display 10.1″ HD (1280×800) display
Extras Integrated front (2M) and back (5M) mounted webcam
Manufacturer Lenovo (IBM)
Memory 32GB on Board, expand w/ mini SD another 32GB
Model Ideapad Tablet K1
OS Google Android 3.1+
Ports MicroSD card reader, mini HDMI connector and optional docking port
Price From $349
Processor NVIDIA® Tegra™ T20 1.0GHz Processor – 1GB DDR2 RAM
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 1.65 lbs
Wireless Integrated Bluetooth® and 802.11b/g/n WiFi connectivity

Furious Android Tablet Review

Among the much sought after tablet PCs out on the market these days is the Furious Android 2.3 tablet PC, as aside from its excellent design and appearance, this Android 2.3 tablet PC offers great quality, high-functionality, value and ease of use. The great 2.3 android tablet PC features a 4:3 aspect ratio resistive 8-inch [...]

Audio MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, WAV etc.
Battery Life Up to 5 hours
Display ​8” resistive touch screen 800×600
Extras 1.3 MP Camera, 3D Effects
Memory 4GB on board, expand to 32GB card
Model Furious Google Android 2.3 A816
OS Android 2.3
Ports mini USB, USB 2.0, HDMI, TF Card
Price From $160.00
Processor SAMSUNG S5PV210 Cortex A8 1.2GHz DDR2 512MB RAM
Warranty 1 year
Weight .56 kg
Wireless Ethernet, wifi, 3G

Ouku Tablet Review

With the continuous popularity of various tablet PCs out on the market these days, a particular brand that won’t allow to be left behind is the Ouku Android 2.2 Tablet PC. This next generation Ouku tablet Android series has a Qualcomm MSM7627 800MHz for a processor, operating on an Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS, and 512MB [...]

Audio AAC LC/LTP, AAC+, enhanced AAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, Mp3, Midi, PCM
Battery Life 4-5 Hours
Display 7″ TFT Capacitive Touch WVGA resolution (800×480 pixels)
Extras GPS, Qualcomm MSM7627 800MHZ, Gtalk, Skype, 3G, Front 1.3 MP Camera, Rear 2 MP Camera
Model TPC800W Ouku Tablet
OS Android 2.2
Memory 256MB on board, expand to 32GB w/ Card
Ports USB 2.0, SIM, TF Card
Price From $219.00
Processor Qual MSM7627 800MHZ 512MB RAM
Warranty 1 Year
Weight .45 kg
Wireless WiFi, 3G, 2G

ePad Review

The ePad tablet Android 2.2 touch screen is a superb handheld tablet PC enabling you to do many things like browse the web, read e-books, watch movies, listen to music, play games, social networking, e-mail and so much more. Powered by a high performance VIA WM8650 800MHz CPU + 300MHz DSP, 256MB RAM, built-in 2GB [...]

Audio MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA
Battery Life 1-2 Hours
Display 8″ TFT Resistive Touch 800×600
Extras Camera, GPS, Flash-capable
Manufacturer VIA
Model ePad WM8650
Memory 4GB hard Drive; Expand to 16G
OS Android 2.2
Ports HDMI/USB, TF Card
Price From $95.00
Processor WM8650,High-performance 800MHZ CPU+300MHZ DSP, DDR2 256MB RAM
Warranty 1 Year
Weight .75 kg
Wireless Cable Internet: 10/100M adaptive, Wifi,USB 3G

Flytouch 3 Review

Another addition to the ever popular FlyTouch Android tablets series is the FlyTouch3 Android 2.2 tablet, as this next generation FlyTouch Android tablet features a superior build quality and high performance with an inexpensive price tag.
The FlyTouch3 Android 2.2 tablet is powered by an infotmic X210, 1GHz ARM11 CPU, 8 GB on board memory, 512 [...]

Model FlyTouch 3
Manufacturer ​infotmic X210
FLV,WMV support multiple formats 1080P HD Player
Battery Life Approx 3 Hours
Display 10.1 Inch – 1024*600 Resolution; TFT Resistive Touch Screen
Extras GPS, 2 MP Camera
Memory 8 GB
OS Android 2.2
Ports USB 2.0 x2, LAN, HDMI, TF card
Price From $150.00
Processor 1GHz ARM11, Infotmic X210 DDR2, 512MB RAM
Warranty 1 Year
Weight .65 kg
Wireless Cable Internet: 10/100M adaptive, Wifi,USB 3G

Coby Tablet Review

The Coby Tablet PC, Android 2.3 tablet, is the latest in the series of Android tablets out on the market today, as this Android tablet offers much better browsing, navigation, and computing than its previous predecessors.
Powered by a high speed 1GHz Samsung S5PV210 (Cortex A8) for a processor, a built-in 4GB memory storage, and runs [...]

Manufacturer Coby
Model Kryos
OS Android 2.2 Gingerbread
Ports HDMI, full size USB 2.0, SD card
Audio Built-in Speaker, Mic
Battery Life 5+ Hours
Display 7.0 800×480 Resistive Touche
Extras Front-facing Camera, No GPS
Memory 4G Internal
Price From $145.00
Processor ARM1176 800 MHz
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 13.9 ounces
Wireless wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g, no 3G

Acer Iconia Review

The Acer Iconia Tablet, an Android 3.0 tablet, is a beautiful, sleek, and powerful Android tablet, as this remarkable tablet PC is undeniably among the best Android tablets on the market today that offers superb quality performance and capabilities that will certainly give the competitors a run for their money.  The Acer Iconia A500 is [...]

Audio Dual speaker, dual analog mic, Dolby mobile technology
Battery Life Up to 8 Hours
Display 10.1” HD Multi-Touch Display: (1280 x 800) resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio
Extras 5MP Rear Facing Camera, 2MP Front Facing Camera, G-Sensor, E-Compass, L-Sensor, Gyro-meter, Google Apps
Manufacturer Acer
Model Iconia A500
OS Android 3.0 Honeycomb
Ports Micro SD 2.0, USB 2.0, Micro HDMI
Price From $350.00
Processor NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core Mobile Processor, 1GB DDR2 Memory
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 1.7 lbs
Wireless 802.11b/g/n Wireless(802.11n 2.4GHz only), Bluetooth

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